IBF Members’ Lunch

Wednesday, 9th November, 2022

On Wednesday, 9th November, the IBF hosted yet another of its popular members’ lunches in our partner, Zatisi Catering’s, lovely Zatisi Restaurant where, once again, the food, ambience and general good spirit of everyone attending made it a really great event.

A large group of both IBF members and friends enjoyed many different lively discussions and for sure these members’ lunches will be part of our diary of events for 2023. We will look forward to seeing everyone again then.

7th Annual IBF Residential Real Estate Seminar

The 7th Annual IBF Residential Real Estate Seminar took place on Wednesday, 12th October, 2022 in the offices of KPMG, as usual.

More than 30 IBF members and friends turned out to listen to our panel of experts discussing whether the residential real estate sector in the Czech Republic is really going to continue to boom or is it, finally, on the verge of busting.  Unsurprisingly, the overall tone of the presentations and Q&A discussion was fairly bleak, especially in regard to the sale of residential property in view of the ongoing energy crisis and the resulting cost of borrowing.   But it was not all gloom and doom since not only are many developers finding ways of supporting potential buyers through reduced interest rate financing and other benefits, but the rental market is now becoming extremely strong and is becoming the focus for many existing and new developers and investors. 

IBF Members’ Lunch

Monday, 5th September, 2022

On Monday, 5th September, the IBF hosted yet another of its popular Member Lunches, this time in the Crystal Room of our favourite Zatisi Restaurant. 18 of our members and a couple of our friends turned out for what was, as usual, a good opportunity for all of us to talk more about the ongoing crises that we are living through right now, as well as chat generally about our own work and what we are all up to in these difficult times. Interestingly, amongst stories of closures and redundancies, many of our members are also involved in some interesting new projects, which just goes to show how necessary it is to ‘duck and dive’ when things get tough. Find out more at the next Members’ Lunch, which will be announced on the website soon.

IBF Members’ Lunch

Wednesday, 20th July, 2022

On Wednesday, 20th July, the IBF hosted one of its popular ‘Member Lunches’, this time in the lovely Mlynec Restaurant overlooking the Charles Bridge.   On a boiling hot day, 20 of our members and friends turned out to enjoy a glass of Prosecco at the bar and then three courses from the always delicious Mlynec kitchen.   Having originally aimed to finish at 14.00 we were all still going strong one hour later, proving that we all just love to have the opportunity to get together and chat!  For sure we will be hosting another of these lunches before the year is out.

IBF Speaker Lunch with General Andor Sandor

Thursday, 24th March, 2022

The second IBF speaker lunch of the year took place on Thursday, 24th March, again in the wonderful Zatisi Restaurant owned by our Partner, Zatisi Catering.  Twenty IBF members and friends turned out to listen to our guest, General Andor Sandor, and whilst we all managed to take short breaks in order to enjoy the wonderful food, the discussion was full-on throughout the lunch.  General Sandor gave a fascinating insight into the background of the current situation in the Ukraine, as well as what the potential outcome might be, plus a lot of other related issues.   In addition to the discussions around the table and between the General and our guests, we were treated to Sanjiv Suri, the owner of the restaurant, joining us halfway through and giving a fascinating perspective as to where India sits in relation to the ongoing crisis.  

If we hadn’t asked everyone to leave at 3.00 pm, there was a good chance that the event could have rumbled on well into the evening, and for sure we will be inviting General Sandor back again soon!

IBF Speaker Lunch with Dr. Martin Stransky

FEBRUARY 17, 2022

On Thursday, 17th February, 2022, we held our second event of the year, this time a lunch with a speaker, and we were absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Dr Martin Stransky to come and join us.  Before the starter was even served, the group of IBF members and a couple of guests engaged Dr Stransky in a very lively discussion, covering everything from Covid in the Czech Republic viz-a-viz elsewhere, the effect of social media on our brains, and the giant steps that neurology has taken over the past few years, to growing wine and Grappa in the countryside, and the political situation here and in the Ukraine.   To quote one of the guests, ‘it is lunches like this that make being a member of the IBF worthwhile; I got my annual fee’s money back in this lunch alone!’

IBF New Year’s Lunch

JANUARY 19, 2022 |

The first IBF event of 2022 was the annual IBF New Year’s Lunch, which we were very happy to go ahead with, bearing in mind that in 2021 the event had to be cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic.

The lunch was held in our Partner, Zatisi Group’s, lovely Zatisi Restaurant at Liliová 1, Prague 1, on Wednesday, 19th January, 2022, and even though we had several cancellations the night before and on the morning itself, we still had a nice group of people around the table.  Not only did we enjoy the usual great food, but also a lively discussion on a number of topics (and very little mention of Covid, for a change!).

We plan a number of these informal lunches during the course of 2022. Watch this space.

Hospitality in Crisis

NOVEMBER 10, 2021

Despite the ongoing disruption to its business activities due to the Covid Pandemic that raged through the Czech Republic during 2020 and 2021, the IBF managed to hold several successful events, culminating in its very popular seminar entitled ‘Hospitality in Crisis’, which was held on Wednesday, November 10th, in the beautiful Mlynec restaurant, operated by the IBF partner, the Zatisi Group.  More than 40 IBF members and friends turned out to listen to some of the country’s biggest experts from the hospitality industry, including Sanjiv Suri, the Chairman and CEO of the Zatisi Group, and Lenka Zlebkova, the CEO of the Prague Congress Centre.  

The panel gave a fascinating and enlightening view of their experiences over the past 20 months, and whilst it was made clear that many changes will be required from businesses in the hospitality field for them to remain sustainable, the overall tone of the event was optimistic.  We were also pleased to be able to welcome our new media partner, Robert McLean from ‘the Prime’ to the event, and his article can be found here.

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